Navigating Through Your Code, Exploring Your Code

Both Visual Studio and Atmel Studio have powerful built in tools  that help you when navigating through your code. It is absolutely worth learning to use these functions.

You can...

  • find the places where you declared functions and variables
  • find the places where they were used
  • what functions call other functions
  • and much more

In this aspect, Visual Studio and Atmel Studio differ substantially, because they use different software tools for that purpose.

Atmel Studio

Atmel Studio uses an add-in product, Visual Assist from Whole Tomato Software. This add-is part of the Atmel Studio installation.

Atmel Studio Class Member Dropdown

The image show an automatic class member dropdown in Atmel Studio

You can find Visual Assist's documentation here.

Warning 16 Note:

After certain operations, like adding a library, Atmel Studio's database must be refreshed, so that the new symbols are known to it.
You refresh the symbol database by saving your project. Simply choose "File > Save All"(Ctrl+Shift+S) or click the File Save All Toolbar Icon icon on the toolbar.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio has similar functions already built in.

Visual Studio Intellisense Dropdown

The image show an automatic ("Intellisense") class member dropdown in Microsoft Visual Studio

You can find the documentation for Visual Studio here.