Creating a New Project in Visual Micro

If you are using Microsoft Visual Studio

The following text shows you how to create a new project in Visual Micro.

  • In Visual Studio, click File > New > Project > Other Languages > Visual C++ > Arduino Project

  • Enter a name for your project and click OK

An empty project is now set up. Your screen should look like this:

The First Project

 Now you can start editing your code. A setup() and loop() function are already created for you.

Note IconNote:

File > New > Arduino Project is available in all IDEs and creates projects in the Arduino sketch book folder.
It does not add to the project to the "File>Recent Projects and Solutions"


Continue by Setting up your board model and connection.


If you are using Atmel Studio

You can use the same approach as described above.

However, it is recommended to use Atmel Studio's project templates.

  • In Atmel Studio, click File > New > Project

Select an Arduino template from the Project Wizard.

Warning 16 Note:

Only use Arduino templates from the "C/C++" node or from the "Visual Micro" node. Do not use a template from the "Arduino-Boards" node!


Atmel Studio Templates 1

Atmel Studio Templates 2

Adding your own templates

This article on show you how to add your own templates in Atmel Studio.