Opening an Existing Arduino Sketch

If you already have projects created in the classic Arduino IDE, then you can create Visual Studio/Atmel Studio projects from them and continue to work in Visual Studio/Atmel Studio.

  •  Click on File > Open > Arduino Project (with .INO or .PDE file extension).

- or -

  • Click on File > Open > File
  • Select an .INO or .PDE file from an existing sketch in your Arduino project directory
    Visual Micro will ask if you want to create a new project. If you answer "Yes", then Visual Micro will create a Visual Studio/Atmel Studio project from the .INO, .PDE and .CPP files in this folder.

Warning 16 Note:

Visual Micro as well as the original Arduino IDE require that the main .ino file and the disk folder containing this file have the same name.
The main .ino file is the one that contains the setup() and loop() functions.

Your screen should look like this:
Opened Existing Project

Now you can start editing your code.

Note IconNote:

Since Visual Micro uses the build tools that came with your original IDE (like the Arduino IDE), opening an existing project won't change anything to your source files.

If you ever decide to go back to the Original Arduino IDE: No problem, Visual Micro projects are backward compatible, so you can open such projects in the original IDE at any time. However, if you use some advanced features of Visual Micro, then your project cannot be used anymore in the Arduino IDE.
This instruction shows the easy steps that are needed to make such a advanced project compatible with the Arduino IDE again.

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