How to Rebuild, Upload, Run and Stop your Sketch

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The following functions are all controlled by the Micro Project toolbar:

Serial Monitor Toolbar Stop Button

Building and Uploading Your Project

The typical step after making changes to your code is rebuilding and uploading. You can initiate a rebuild and upload with a single step:

  •  Select the menu item "vMicro > Build & Upload"
  • -or-
  • Click the "Start" button Start Toolbar Button in the Micro Project toolbar.

Uploading always includes that your programs starts running after the upload is completed.

Rebuilding without Upload

Sometimes it makes sense to rebuild, without uploading the result to the board. For these cases, you can...

  •  Select the menu item vMicro > Build
  • -or-
  • Select the Build button Toolbar Build Button in the Micro Project toolbar

Stopping your sketch

A running sketch can only be stopped if you are using a debug build (Read more) and it your sketch is halted in a breakpoint.

Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to stop a running sketch.
With a debug build, you can use the following to stop your sketch:

  •  Select the menu item vMicro > Stop Debugger
  • -or-
  • Select the Stop button Toolbar Stop Button in the Micro Project toolbar

Attaching to a Running Sketch

If your sketch has been uploaded, you can attach the debugger to it without resetting the board, by opening the Serial monitor.

If your board is reset normally when the Serial Connects (e.g. Uno), uncheck the Serial Monitor DTR Button box at the bottom of the Serial Monitor to ensure this does not happen.