Enabling/Disabling and Deleting Breakpoints

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Read on the general Breakpoints documentation page on how to set breakpoints.

After you have set a breakpoint, right click the Breakpoint Indicator marker of the breakpoint and choose either "Delete Breakpoint" 1 or "Disable Breakpoint" 2:

Context menu in Visual Studio 2017/2019:
Context menu in Visual Studio < 2017/2019
and Atmel Studio:
Context Menu Delete/Disable
Context Menu Delete/Disable

Deleting a Breakpoint

By choosing "Delete Breakpoint", the breakpoint will be permanently deleted. You can also delete a breakpoint by putting the cursor in the breakpoint line and pressing [F9].

Warning 16 Warning:

If you have deleted a breakpoint while the sketch was running on your board, then you must stop execution by clicking on the Stop Toolbar Button Stop button in the Visual Micro toolbar.
Then upload your sketch again with the use of the Build & Upload toolbar button Start Toolbar Buton or vMicro > Build & Upload from the menu.

Enabling/Disabling a Breakpoint

You can enable and disable breakpoints at any time without having to recompile/upload.

To enable/disable a breakpoint, right click on the breakpoint symbol (Breakpoint Icon) and select "Disable Breakpoint" or "Enable Breakpoint".


Even breakpoints that are disabled keep sending trace messages to the Micro Debug Trace pane of the Output Window, but they never stop the sketch when they are passed.

Note Icon Note:

There is a setting in the project properties ("Inc. Disabled Breakpoints") that controls whether disabled breakpoints remain part of the program code during compilation.
If that switch is set to "False", only enabled breakpoints will be part of the compiled sketch. With that setting, disabled breakpoints consume no program space but require the sketch to be rebuilt after being re-enabled.
If the switch is set to "True", then also disabled breakpoints will be part of the sketch, which allows you to re-enable them without rebuilding the sketch.

Read more about the Properties window where you can change this setting.