Working with Breakpoints in Visual Micro

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Note IconNote:

Any changes to breakpoints require the project to be built and uploaded to your board again, before they take effect.


The following chapter describes what you can do with breakpoints.
For general information about debugging, read the chapter "Debugging your sketch" first.

To set a breakpoint at a specific line of your code:

  • Put the cursor on an instruction in your program code
  • Press [F9].


    click on the gray sidebar left of the code:

    Breakpoint Set By Mouseclick


You can use your new breakpoint as-is, or you can edit it's properties so that it can serve special purposes in your debugging task.
The rest of this page describes how to use breakpoint properties.

 All breakpoint properties can be edited by using the Settings icon icon in the context menu that appears when you hover your mouse over the red breakpoint marker Breakpoint Indicator to the left of your code in the code window:

Breakpoint Mouse Click


A popup window will appear, that has two checkboxes, "Conditions" and "Actions":

Breakpoint Context Menu



"Conditions": If you check this box, more elements will appear, they let you specify a condition under which the breakpoints becomes active. The breakpoint is only active, if the If the condition is met at the time the code passes the breakpoint.

Actions controls visible

Click here to read about breakpoint conditions

Note IconTip:

By clicking on 'Add condition' link, you can create additional conditions.


"Actions": If you check this box, more elements will appear, and you can specify a message text that shall be shown in the output window if the breakpoint is hit. This may seem unremarkable, but this function offers a whole set of debugging options, far beyond simple text output

Conditions controls visible

Click here to read about breakpoint actions


Of course, you can combine "Conditions" and "Actions" by checking both checkboxes.


Note IconNote:

If you have accidently deleted a breakpoint, then you can recover it by using Edit > Undo function from the menu (or [Ctrl+Z]).

Note IconTip:

You can leave the breakpoint configuration window open at any time while debugging or editing code.

Note IconTip:

If you click on this text on top of the breakpoint window:
 Line number link

then you can move the breakpoint with all its settings to a new line number:

Line number link activated