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Recommend Visual Micro Upgrade - 14th May 2022

Due to a change in the web site and an oversight by our team we recommend that our users upgrade to Visual Micro version 22.04.29 sp3 or above.

There is a potential issue with the Board and Library Manager in Visual Micro when the "check for updates" buttons are used.

If you are unable to upgrade there are simple workarounds...

What is the problem?

The issue happens when the "Check for updates" button is clicked in the Board Manager or Library Manager. When the button is clicked Visual Micro obtains the latest package_index.json and library_index.json from the web site. The current arduino web site is returning php script instead of the .json files that we expect.

The latest update of Visual Micro uses newer urls to obtain these files. However, older versions of Visual Micro will overwrite the .json files with the php returned from This causes the loading of downloaded boards and libraries to fail.


Opening the arduino ide board manager and library manager will resolve the issue, because the arduino ide will download the latest json files.

It is also possible to update the json files manually by downloading them from and saving them to the users app_data\local\arduino15 folder.

These are the urls to the two files.



Unless you have upgraded Visual Micro, after these files have been updated, do not use the "Check for updates" buttons in Visual Micro unless you repeat the above step(s).