Visual Micro Reviews and Feedback

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We agree @CliffordAgius...
We can't recommend @visualmicro highly enough... Awesome tool!


Great product
I use it from the first steps of the project Vsmicro


I didn't have to do any Arduino dev up to 1 month ago and I reinstalled my Visual Micro on my Visual Studio 2019.. what a pleasure to work with this Arduino compiler, it cost a little, but your gain in time and efficiency is way over the cost of it,
A must have


@spiessa "Is Visual Micro the better Arduino IDE?" (I'd say definitely yes!) @visualmicro


ESP32 experience was amazing! I test the plugin for a month and fall in love with it!


Really enjoying using @visualmicro lately instead of #platformio & #clion for a side venture I've been brewing.
Really nice debugging (ESP32 dbg via WiFi!) & standard Arduino Library support. Has great potential moving forward!
Great doco videos too.


Professional developer for 20+ years. Been using Visual Micro for a while now, recently I decided to purchase the plug-in. It is the first and only plug-in I have ever purchased for Visual Studio, as I feel it is the only one worth it. Bringing Auto complete, Syntax highlighting and all the other nice to have feature of Visual Studio to Arduino is a welcome breath of fresh air. Also unlocking the full power of C++ (header files, classes, etc..) means I am no longer limited by my tools. I guess that is the best way I can put it, Visual Micro, it takes the tool out of the way. To counter a few other reviews, a single PC hobby license for a year is less than $20 CAD, I cant buy lunch with $20. spent $1200 on a visual studio license, $80/mnth on Adobe Creative suite, I have lost track on fusion 360. Hell $250 for a simple slicer. I do not know how they survive at $20 a year, but it is a hell of a deal.


Perfect pro-upgrade from ARDUINO IDE. If you are not a heavy coder but you want to upgrade from the very basic Arduino IDE , Visual Micro is the perfect choice. Out of all those Arduino IDE alternatives I have tried, this one along with Visual studio flawlessly works without much effort.


I'm a hobby user but with many decades of programming and digital design. So my needs are less than professional coders but from the array of advanced Arduino IDEs this is the only one that has worked - really reliably worked. Now I can go as far as I can learn; roll my own libraries/ classes; use multiple files; have a debugger. Really enjoying coding larger projects for Arduino, STM32 and experimenting with other embedded microcontrollers.
As to the annual license fee the two comments I would make are

  1. I spend far more on electronic components
  2. none of the free Arduino alternative IDEs worked on my PC.



Absolutely fantastic product, the help provided by the support team is some of the best I have experienced!
The project is use this for could not be done without this extension. It seriously blows all the other IDEs/extensions out of the water!
If you are looking to make a big arduino project, this is the one for you, worth every penny.


Very helpful when developing with Arduino boards. I am a young programmer (13) and I have found the original Arduino editor lackluster in features.
This has allowed me to connect to Visual Studio and better form my arduino creations. F in chat for my license as it will expire soon


I used this tool for years. Although the intricacies can be daunting, that's what you get for having a tool that goes far beyond what platformio and other tools try to cover.
The tool is rigorously kept up to date even with all the Arduino version changes, Visual Studio version changes, new boards, non-Arduino boards.
Tim provides much more value than is charged for this tool year after year.


I am downloading this tool because the developer is active in replying to the user reviews, and they do it with tactful, reasonable responses. I'll update my review in a week or so after I try it out.


Fantastic feature set, superb support. Moved from PlatformIO (which is great too, but somehow polluted) recently. Would not say "no" if it would be available on VS/macOS too ;-)


This is just a fantastic extension that let you work "seriously" on arduino boards. I'm using it to write some test scripts and tools for an ESP8285 board and it really works great.
This is far beyond what any other Arduino IDE can provide. Debuging capabilities alone are killer feature. Code completion and all other VisualStudio tools for C/C++ are all available.
Pricing is really fair. I sincerly recommand it. This should be THE ARDUINO official IDE.