Visual Micro and Covid-19 Update


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In response to the Covid-19 outbreak and the difficulties many face at this time, we have changed our Trial offering to help users continue:-


  • Trials are now valid for a full 30 days
  • Any Trial started before 18-03-2020 16:30 can be started again when they expire, for the full 30 day trial now available
    (Trial duration was extended to 90 days between 18-03-2020 and 21-07-2020)
At Visual Micro we have already ensured that we can continue delivering our service and support to you through this period, and are taking all necessary steps to ensure this continues.

We are also constantly updating our documentation and YouTube Channel Videos, so you can find out how to work remotely as a group of hobbyists, or collectively as a group of students or team members.

See some of our videos below, as well as further details on Instructables and the Arduino Project Hub.