Web Controlled Plant Sprayer

A simple project with various uses, to simply spray when a button is pressed on a Web Page.

Of course there is a variety of Wifi Arduino boards out there, the Huzzah ESP8266, ESP32 and Arduino Nano IoT are all good choices for quick Web Based Projects.

Wifi Arduino Boards


With a little glue the servo simply mounts to the pressure spray bottle, which we will prime manually.

Close Up of Mounting         Full Mounting Setup


This is just a simple extension of the ESP32 Web App Example, and simply swapping out the RCSwitch Library for the Servo Library.

We calibrated the servo position using the Serial Debugger with it plugged into our PC, so we could quickly get it working (example calibration video on YouTube).


Web UI

As before the Web Interface only has what we need on it, and if you had some web-accessible cameras installed, you could control this from anywhere, and choose your target....

Basic Web Interface for Sprayer