Working With Projects in Visual Micro

Visual Micro Open Project Choices

New Projects

New Projects can easily be created in a few clicks. from the vMicro Menu, or the File Menu, and the Startup screen:-

Startup > Create New Project > Search for and select "Arduino Project"

File > New > Arduino Project

vMicro > New Arduino Project (Optional Template Selection)

Manual  Create a Folder \<sketchname>\ and add an empty text file within the folder called <sketchname>.ino 

We also reccomend you add a \src\ folder below this as a reminder when adding further code files (more information).


Open Existing Projects

To Open an Existing Project in vMicro, again the standard and vMicro options are available:-

Startup > Open An Existing Project > Locate the SLN for your vMicro Project

vMicro > Open Existing Arduino Project 

File > Open > Arduino Project

File > Open > Folder


Renaming Projects

If you wish to rename an Arduino compatible project, vMicro will do all the work of keeping the structure consistent:

Right click on the INO file with the project name, select Rename, and enter the new name. The below message will appear, press [OK]

Rename Project Prompt


Code Folders In a Project

To keep your project tidy and Arduino compatible, the simplest solution is to create an \src\ folder within the project folder, and place any libraries or other C code required below this folder (it is scanned recursively).

Read more about this folder structure here.