How to fix android build.xml errors in processing 1.5>2.0 beta

by Visual Micro 22. October 2011 14:05

Updated 05 November 2011

This issue will shortly be resolved by Processing 2.0 alpha 3

The following information applies only to earlier processing builds to Processing 2.0 alpha 3 and should be ignored

The following solution worked for some of us but might not be what is required by others.

Some people have reported this solution works for them, others have complained angrily that this did not help them. If you are someone who can't be bothered to read instructions or you are a person who complains when given something for free that doesn't work, then close your browser now.

There are a few problems in as much as the ant system has changed in 14 which means that and all other android apps that use ant will now fail. To make matters worse the android sdk download repository format has changed so you can't use an older sdk manager to download older api sources (such as 7 & 8).

If, like me, you don't need the versioin 14 api then you can get processing working on windows as follows:-

1) Download android sdk 14. You have no choice!

NOTE: I had problems with the android sdk when installed into "Program Files" bacuase of the space in the folder name. I used "c:\android\android-sdk" in the end

2) When the android sdk manager runs, de-select everything
3) Select and download version 7 & 8 api along with associated google api
4) Follow the processing android instructions for enviroment variables
5) Finally, install r12
over the top using one of these google links


You end up with api versions 7&8 installed using sdk manager v14 but you will be running with sdk manager v12. If you already have 14 installed along with the 7&8 api then just install r12 and set the enviroment variables.

 A few people have asked about the enviroment variables. This is how mine are set :-

 1) I don't know if these are required, I ran out of testing time. On my test machine the android sdk is installed in C:\Android\android-sdk. I have appended the following syntax to my path user variable.


 2) I added a System variable called ANDROID_SDK and set its value to C:\Android\android-sdk