Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Pro Free?

by Visual Micro 28. October 2011 06:39

Two options:-


Atmel Studio is entirely free and based on Visual Studio 2010


1) Can you join the free Microsoft Bizspark offer?

I don't know if you are planning a start-up business for your resulting project but if so then maybe this is way to get Vs Pro. I am no expert but as ling at you are in startup mode and/or your new business is less than 5 years old and turning over less than $1m you might well get approved for Microsoft Biz Spark. 

Oh and for your planning/startup you can buy a domain name for a few dollars per year which is very handy for professional email correspondence with suppliers  :D

2014.04 - The following is a snippet from the faq shown above ...

Eligible startups must be:

Actively engaged in development of a software-based product or service that will form a core piece of its current or intended business*. To meet this requirement the software must:

Add significant and primary functionality to the integrated Microsoft software.

Be owned, not licensed by the Startup.

Privately held

In business for less than 5 years[1], and

Bringing in less than US$1 million in annual revenue[2]

Microsoft may permit individual developers or others and/or separate technology entities who may not meet the standard eligibility requirements to join BizSpark from time to time.

[1] Startups who are actively engaged in software development but have not yet completed the formalities of establishing a business.

[2] This requirement has been adjusted to add local variances calibrated to local economic conditions in the startup’s place of business, below. If a startup's place of business is not listed below, then the revenue limit is US $1 million. US$750,000 China, US$500,000 Korea, Malaysia, Poland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine US$250,000 Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam

* Not eligible for BizSpark

If you are developing dashboards, HTML editors, utilities, website, and similar technologies that are not considered primary service or application.

If you are a consultant