Apm SITL - Cygwin Installation

by Visual Micro 27. April 2013 18:47

How to install cygwin (download the cygwin setup.exe and run using windows cmd)

setup.exe -q -R [DIR here you want it] -l [dir for packages]packages -s http://box-soft.com -P ca-certificates,make,wget,git,gcc-core,gcc-g++,gcc,git,libintl2 

If you do not have APM sources and want them ....


ApmRover, copter etc. is here:  https://github.com/diydrones

Example sitl compile, just go into APMrover2, and ...

make configure

make sitl


make APM

But in the latter case you need the arduino environ installed and in your configure.mk file.

Resulting build location will be [cygwin]\tmp\APMrover2.build

Recommended: "remake" clone of make, because with the -n option, you can see all the commands the make file will try to issue.  Helps you see exactly what is going on.


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