How to configure Arduino for a specific Visual Studio version

by Visual Micro 19. August 2013 14:24

The Visual Micro is installer caters for Visual Studio 2008, 2010, 2012 and Atmel Studio.

It is quite common to see different versions of Visual Studio installed on the same computer, therefore it is useful to have the ability to elect which version of Visual Studio or Atmel Studio will be used for Arduino.

  • Click "Tools>Addin Manager" and you will see Visual Micro in the list along with 3 checkboxes.
  • Un-check all the checkboxes and re-start the ide to disable Visual Micro.
  • To re-enable Visual Micro the two left most checkboxes must be checked, the third checkbox is unimportant.

tip: Visual Micro user interface menus or tool bar controls might sometimes be missing after re-enabling the addin-in. In which case please click "Tools>Reset User Interface" (in ver 1308.18+). If problems persist then please follow this guide and report the problem to the forum. Thanks!