Maple Leaflabs and STM32 for Visual Studio

by Visual Micro 27. August 2013 14:30

2013: Editors Note: Our impression of the Maple Ide is that it is not yet as mature as some of the other solutions and the usb drivers stop working frequently. Maple has been added to the free plugin and the debugger by user request. Our personal option is that Maple is not very easy to use or support and might lead to fustration for less experienced users. If you find this not to be the case then please contact us.

14th Jan 2013: Apparently build and upload now fully supported for maple REV6 boards (thanks Yuri). Debug trace/break is supported. Other maple ide boards have not been tested. We would appreciate feed back to the forum from experienced users. 

Our Personal Maple Observations and Tips

When working with Maple SerialUSB in your code and also using the debugger please read these important tips

On windows 7 64 bit we found that the leaflabs serial port would periodically stop working. We have not tested other versions of windows

On windows 8 the Maple usb can completely disappear.

Maple authors have announced reduced support for windows

The Maple IDE can be downloaded from here

To install the usb drivers from the maple ide folder, win8 users will need to switch to allowing unsigned usb driver installation


Stm32 Usb Debug - Trace Mode

To use Leaflabs compatible hardware with Visual Micro please download the Maple Ide

Known Debugger Issue on Stm32 (will be resolved asap)

The Hit Count >= settings can be used at the moment with Stm32 because it does not initialize variables correctly when in the Global space.

For example:

unsigned long myLong1 = 0L;
bool myBool = 0;

void setup() {

The example above will result in garbage in all bits except the first

unsigned long myLong1;
bool myBool;

void setup() {
myLong1 = 0L;
myBool = 0;

The example above would result in all bits being cleared and correct values of zero