Control where debugger text messages are displayed

by Visual Micro 20. January 2014 15:02

applies to visual micro 1401.20 +

The BUG button on the serial window is enabled when the debugger is running and contains a menu item called "Message Windows". The options of the menu allow you to control which windows debugger text messages are displayed in.

The current default combines text messages and trace messages together and will will note that "Message Windows>Trace" is ticked

If you un-tick "Trace" and tick "Message" then this will work like the previous release and show separate trace and messages. If you tick both then both the trace and message output windows will show text messages.

I can't make my mind up what the best default should be, the current defaults ensure that everything is visible while the debugger runs. Interested to hear opinions thanks.

One thing to be careful of, if there are huge volumes of debugger messages per second, showing messages in both the trace and the message window will affect pc cpu usage. On fast pc's it might not be an issue but on slower pc's it can cause the pc debugger display to fall behind real-time due to inability to process messages fast enough.