Arduino for Visual Studio 2017 and 2019

by Visual Micro 3. August 2015 10:35

news 3rd August - Visual Micro BETA for Visual Studio 2015 has been released as an Extension in the Visual Studio Gallery

This is initial draft documentation for the Visual Micro beta extension. This version of Visual Micro has been changed from add-in to extension.

The Visual Micro main menu provides quick access to most Arduino features in Visual Studio

Please download from the extension downloads page. It is currently a zip containing a .vsix file. Double click the vsix to install Visual Micro into Visual Studio.

After installation "Tools>Extensions and Updates..." can be used to update or uninstall Visual Micro

In this version tool bars are not shown by default. There are also more bars available in the Visual Micro extension than in previous releases.

Tip: Right click the tool bar area to see the "Arduino" tool bars.

Multiple tool bars can be controller by users for an ideal Arduino programming environment

please note: the 'Standard' bar shown as the lowest bar in the image above is not included in the current beta

In this Extension version of Visual Micro the visibility of tool bars can be specified in two modes.

1) With no projects open

2) With one or more projects open

All primary features are available on tool bars and the "Visual Micro" top menu. The "Visual Micro" menu replaces and extends the functinality found on the "Tools>Visual Micro" menu of previous releases.

The "Add Library" tool bar is available when Arduino project(s) are open

Arduino libraries are easily used in a Arduino project

New Projects can be created using various templates in the Visual Studio "New Project" wizard.

New templates can be added to the list simply by clicking "Add Template" in any Arduino project.

Ready to use project templates provide quick ways to create and test new Arduino projects


A Windows 10 IoT project template is installed and "ready to go".

Create a new project based on this template. Upload to your board and you have a Window IoT device!!

A ready to use Windows 10 IoT for Arduino is included with the Visual Studio extension