Arduino Debug With Charts and Graphs

by Visual Micro 16. August 2015 02:17
Breakpoint support for the @Plot command is available in the Pro version of Visual Micro. The Arduino program code does not need to be edited simply add a {@Plot} instruction to the break/trace point "action" message.

Multiple Arduino plot with tick marks

breakpoint action message to plot variables l1 and l2:- {@Plot.Thunderbird-4.SeaLevel.Diamond l1}{@Plot.Thunderbird-4.Atitude.VDash l2}

  • New Breakpoint Command language, free upgrade for Pro users
  • Arduino code does not change
  • Simple tracepoint command syntax
  • @Create your own commands and open source visualizations or use the provided @Plot example ...
  • @Plot to a single graph per window or multiple graphs per window.
  • @Plot single or unlimited windows.
  • @Plot in colors of choice or that make sense (eg: same as wiring colors)
  • @Plot with tick marks or without
  • @Plot with labels
  • @Plot also includes automatic sliding time window and automatic min/max Y axis
  • Open source examples, easy to extend and create new graphical control types
  • Freeze display
  • Easily see current values
The example below shows the Breakpoint "When Hit" syntax required to display a graph or Motor1 and Motor2 in a "Motors" window and a single @Plot into a window called MyAnalog
Plot unlimited graphs without hacking any Arduino code. Add graphs names, single or multiple plots per window, unlimited windows