How to change Arduino code fonts and colors

by Visual Micro 2. December 2015 12:17

Visual Studio provides a large list of syntax color and font choices. This document is an example of how to configure these options. This document is work in progress so please help and submit your syntax color schemes to the forum

The "Tools>Options" menu allow current settings to be exported (and imported) which is a good way to backup your settings and to try different collections of settings :) Please see the example below of your to backup your settings.

download this example

note: the prototype in the above code example is not valid for standard users!

note: Commonly only the following options are not within of the C++ options list:-

  • Keyword
  • Preprocessor Keyword


How to backup your Visual Studio Settings

Use the "Tools>Import and Export Settings" menu to access the wizzard. Save where prompted or in some other location that can be easily found in the future.