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VisualMicro supporting Raspberry Pi? (Read 2616 times)
Gilles Plante
Full Member

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Québec, Canada
VisualMicro supporting Raspberry Pi?
Aug 11th, 2016 at 3:19am
Hi Tim,

have you ever thought of supporting the Raspberry Pi ? I am looking at a tool to develop for the Pi and came across this:


I have been flabbergasted ! Someone has created the needed files to use the Arduino IDE to program the Raspberry Pi  Cheesy.

Maybe that would work as is with VisualMicro. I will have test tomorrow.



The second link points to a video showing how the guy added the necessary tool chain and board definition to the Arduino environment. I wonder if clicking on an error would bring the editor to the line, that would be nice  Wink.

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Visual Micro

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United Kingdom
Re: VisualMicro supporting Raspberry Pi?
Reply #1 - Aug 11th, 2016 at 7:01pm
That's very interesting. It looks like it uses the same wifi/network upload system that the Arduino Yun uses.

Let me know if any issues with that and don't forget to install apple bonjour service for windows because I think that both the arduino ide and visual micro use it for automatic ip discovery.

If you have pro version you can skip that in visual micro, add ip address manually and then use a local project board.txt to specify the network settings.

  network.port=[enter a port num]
  network.auth_upload=[yes if password prompt is required]
  network.password=[enter a password if network.auth=yes] 

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Tim Leek
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