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1805.26 - Release (Read 900 times)
Visual Micro

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1805.26 - Release
May 14th, 2018 at 10:37pm
Download 1805.26.0

  • Fix: Work in progress builds excluded core files that existed in projects with the same name. The option was on when it should have been based on current setting in "tools>options>visual micro"
  • Use regex to determine .INO #includes for intellisense regardless of "Deep Search for Libraries" setting. This ensures intellisense is immediately updated when adding libraries and switching boards. Previously a build was required before library intellisense was updated fully (caused some confusion)
  • Right click -  Publish Local Library. Copies a library to "[sketchbook]/libraries". Saves a backup of the replaced lib in "sketchbook/_libs_bak/libName/time/LibName". After publish the library is ready for use in other arduino projects. Building other projects that use the library will update intellisense
  • Added a clear example of a self-contained project structure with source code sub folders and a local/private library. "File>New>Project>C++>Arduino Project With Local Library"
  • Fix: Debugger Min/Max values failed to display for float/decimal data
  • When Deep Search for Libraries is enabled the older arduino regex expression is no longer also used. This prevented libraries conditional #includes in .INO source code from having any effect, the library would be linked regardless of #condition. note: Switching off deep search and adhering to the restrictions of the older regex system dramatically improves some compile times.
  • Correction to last release: Auto detect usb connect now defaults to OFF
  • Correction to last release: Added optional menu item: vMicro>Compiler>Local Files Override Library Files - Ignore library source files if a file of the same name exists in the project
  • Changed visualmicro.com (help/reference) links from http:// to https://
  • Fix: Support CTRL+Click shortcuts (file:///) paths that contain spaces in the build output
  • Export exports to the path resulting from "Visual Studio Project > Property Pages > Output Directory"
  • After a build, the build output can be found in "Visual Studio Project > Property Pages > Intermediate Directory"
  • Added verbose output messages for "export binary" and "final build output location"
  • Serial Monitor uses Visual Studio color theme (requires restart for changes to apply if the theme changes)
  • Serial terminal font has always defaulted to standard visual studio Text font. A new button has been added to the Serial Monitor bottom tool strip called "Terminal Font". This button enabled the serial monitor font to be changed. The setting is retained in Tools>Options>Visual Micro>Communications>Terminal Font
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