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STM32 (blue pill) - board selection always jumps back to "Maple Mini" after upload. (Read 1289 times)
Erik Bongers

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STM32 (blue pill) - board selection always jumps back to "Maple Mini" after upload.
Jul 24th, 2018 at 9:12pm

Hoping that someone has experience with using Visual Micro with STM32 boards. (in my case, the Blue Pill - STM32F103C). I flashed the stm32duino bootloader to the board, so I can upload sketches using just the mini-usb to PC connection.

However, after every upload, Visual Micro sets my board (in menu and toolbar) to "Maple Mini".

Initially I thought this would be no problem, as I can still upload sketches using that configuration, but after reset of the board, the bootloader is broken and the PC doesn't show a COM port for the board anymore.

So, every time I forget to manually set the board to STM32F103C again, I have to pull out my USB-serial adapter to flash the bootloader again.

I suspect Visual Micro changes the board because after every reset, a "Maple DFU" device appears on the PC. After a couple of seconds, this device is replaced with a COM port. I think maybe Visual Micro assumes too quickly that it's dealing with a Maple Mini board.

Anyone knows a way around this?
(...as I'm going to keep forgetting to set the board to STM32...)

Thanks in advance,

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Visual Micro

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United Kingdom
Re: STM32 (blue pill) - board selection always jumps back to "Maple Mini" after upload.
Reply #1 - Jul 24th, 2018 at 9:16pm
Please make sure you have NOT checked the "auto select port when a device connects"

Some boards upload using a different port which means the port you start with disconnects then reconnects after upload. The device id of the board is not unique so the board can not be determined.

It would make sense for the board resolver to check the pid/vid of the currently selected board and use that in preferences to searching the master board list. I'll ad it to the todo list thanks but for now switch the menu item off.
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