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19.5.3 - Interims (Read 530 times)
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19.5.3 - Interims
Apr 25th, 2019 at 6:05pm
Download 1903.5
  • Debug tool will now inherit properties from the tool chain pre-commands and also support property tree ".debug" with the selected tool. For example upload.tool=openocd can also be debug.tool=openocd, with the tool supporting both .upload and .debug subtrees along with default properties at tool level.
  • Renamed vMicro>"Toggle Hidden Files" to "Show/Hide Hidden Files". Using this feature adds short cuts to external sources and often provides a better code navigation experience (especially when using GoTo Definition).

Example; Arduino_STM32 debug example: Black Magic Probe (BMP) and Serial/COM   (note: this is work in progress, we believe many of the ".args" are not required, more coming soon!

//local project board.txt
tools.bmp_upload.debug.args=-cd "{build.project_path}"  -ex "file {{{build.path}/{build.project_name}.elf}}" -nh -b 115200 -ex "target extended-remote \\.\{serial.port}" -ex "monitor swdp_scan" -ex "attach 1"

Download 1905.3.0
  • Support for board.txt foo_debugger.args which automatically transpose to microsoft gdb / MIDebuggerArgs in the debugger_launch.json. (nb: a debugger_launch.json is not required in the local project and should only be added by advanced users). Using the board.txt as per the following example if recommended.

NOTE: This is an early BMP example. The following debugger arguments are just an example. Normally, the selected port might be resolved elsewhere and some of the arguments are not required. For example the symbol file should already have been loaded by the MI debugger.


##### Black Magic Probe
# No Open OCD Required
tools.BlackMagic.args= -cd "{build.project_path}"  -ex "file {{{build.path}/{build.project_name}.elf}}" -nh -b 115200 -ex "target extended-remote \\.\{ComPort}" -ex "monitor swdp_scan" -ex "attach 1"
tools.BlackMagic.pattern="{path}/{cmd}" {args} 

Download 1905.1.8
  • Fix: Gdb/Vs faiedl to locate some project source codes during debug

Download Visual Micro 1904.28.0
  • The notification messages for missing tools within board support packages (index.json) were many and unhelpful. In the next release notifications and errors are informative and duplicate errors are prevented. This applies to clicking re-scan or using the Platform Explorer when a package index containing missing tools has been added to the IDE locations configuration window.

Download Visual Micro 1904.27.0
  • Change: Better code navigation into the core when using "Go To Definition": "Toggle Hidden Files" will also now add short cuts for ".c" files. These files will often cause many intellisense errors in the "Error List" window. To disable this option use "Tools>Options>Compatibility>Toggle Hidden C Files" = false (default is true). Note: We are shortly moving to the CLang intellisense engine which will improve things. Reminder: Click "Toggle Hidden Files" again to remove the code short cuts.
    Fix: Intellisense for _AT boards that, for some reason, have a different mcu name (case) than that contained in the core of the boards. note: Visual Micro is moving its intellisense definition to a more intelligent system so hopefully this type of issue won't happen in the future.
  • Fix lack of case sensitivity in strings comparisons relating to UI and intellisense. Recent issue since release of vs2019

Download Visual Micro 1904.25.0

  • Automatically switch to "Show All Files" view when "Toggle Hidden Files" is clicked. This resolves a VS bug that causes "Toggle Hidden Files" to display incorrectly when used in "Show All Files" mode. To resolve the display issue the project needed to be closed and re-opened or the "Toggle Hidden Files" option needed to be clicked a few times.
  • Prevent status bar message for using fileAndForget. Possible contributor to vs2019 crash when visual micro attempts to set the DTE.StatusBar.Text
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