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1906.26 - Intellisense + Hardware Debugging (Experimental) (Read 423 times)
Visual Micro

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1906.26 - Intellisense + Hardware Debugging (Experimental)
Jun 26th, 2019 at 2:09am
Download Visual Micro 1906.26.0
  • Intellisense improvements for Esp32 boards
  • One-click hardware debugging is now implemented for testing and feedback (Experimental). More platforms will be supported in future releases. Currently includes support for:-
    • STM32 based boards
    • Esp32 based boards
    • Arduino Due
    • Arduino Zero and all SAMD boards
    • Texas Instruments (Energia) 32 bit boards
  • The new debug menus (beta) are now implemented for arduino 1.6/1.8, Energia 1.6/1.8 and NoIDE Application types.
  • New hardware debug is now tested with Energia Tivac boards
  • Fix: Board properties failed to save for a project if the project was created using the last 1906 gallery release.
  • Tool bars failed to appear at startup in last release. Only applies to tool bars that are not set to automatic visibility.
  • Beta new debug menus
  • Programmer selection is also saved per config when "save board/port per project configuration"
  • Platforms that do not implement vid/pid for all boards will not "auto select board when device connects" if a board from the same platform is already selected
  • Opening the IDE Locations configuration window from the platform explorer often auto-selected the wrong application.
  • Added menu item: vMicro>Help>Report issue, ask question
  • Intellisense and library resolution for intellisense might have failed after closing an Arduino project. The issue would resolve when clicking commands such as "build clean" or "starting the ide"

  • Since End of may 2019 (last month). Folder only mode fails. Note: Folder only mode is experimental and a very simplistic system compared to using normal Arduino/VS projects. It is recommended that the .ino file is opened at least once using File>Open Arduino Project so that a real Visual Studio project is created for you by Visual Micro.
  • Tool windows might not render in VS2019, especially on first run of the IDE after installing or upgrading. Restart of the IDE should resolve. For persistent problems switch off "Tools>Options>General>Optimize rendering for different screen densities". This is a problem for many extension authors and is a result of internal VS changes. We will release an update shortly with a complete fix. Please let us know in this/the forum if you continue to have difficulties with tool window rendering.

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