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Connect multiple ST-Link V2 programmers (Read 170 times)
Indrid kold
Junior Member

Posts: 18
Connect multiple ST-Link V2 programmers
Dec 3rd, 2019 at 9:22pm
How can I connect multiple ST-Link V2 programmers? Each programmer/probe has a unique serial number, but I can't find a spot for it in the vMicro config. My pjt has two boards that communicate with each other and I'd like to debug both. Thanks for any info, IK
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Simon Hopkinson

Posts: 179
Re: Connect multiple ST-Link V2 programmers
Reply #1 - Dec 3rd, 2019 at 11:13pm
There will be a board property override but it can depend on the specific targets in use as to the specific format of this.

The below process will work for any board / configuration via the Debugger Launch JSON

Attach Debugger to STLink in your project
Copy output from Micro Build Window
Project > Add > Custom GDB Debugger
Replace the JSON file contents with the Output from above
Select the Manual/Custom Debugger Option to use your JSON file

Then edit the "debugServerArgs" to have an additional command for your serial as below:

Snippet from "debugServerArgs" property:
 ... -f \"C:\\ProgramData\\vmicro\\tools\\openocd-\"  -f \"C:\\ProgramData\\vmicro\\tools\\openocd-\" -c \"init\"",


With added Serial definition (escaped in JSON) - [OpenOCD information]
 ... -f \"C:\\ProgramData\\vmicro\\tools\\openocd-\" -c \"hla_serial \"\\xaa\\xbc\\x6e\\x06\\x50\\x75\\xff\\x55\\x17\\x42\\x19\\x3f\"\" -f \"C:\\ProgramData\\vmicro\\tools\\openocd-\" -c \"init\"",

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