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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

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When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-

  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
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Simon@Visual Micro

Posts: 1576 VS2017/2019 (+VS2022 Release)
Sep 17th, 2021 at 4:25pm
Installer Note: If the install for Visual Studio fails, right click and "Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"

*** Release For VS2022 - If you installed an early beta of Visual Micro for VS2022 please uninstall and install from the gallery, or the link below

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022

  • Licensing: Fix for Activation in VS2022 where Hardware Id could not be generated
  • Project Templates/Load: Adjusted for interoperability with VS2019 and VS2022
  • Intellisense: Fixes for SAM Platform

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019

  • ESP32: Removal of partitions.csv automatically for each build ensuring board option partition scheme is applied correctly
  • ESP8266: Exception Decoder Fixes to ensure addr2line exits correctly and reports errors as expected (reported here)
  • ESP8266: Added Board Menu Option for SPIFFS/LittleFS FSUpload options instead of local board.txt entry
  • ESP8266: Added Board Menu Option for Automatic FSUpload on Build & Upload completion
  • Debug: New vMicro > General > "Visual Studio Start Commands Use Active Code Instead of Startup Project" option for Debug > Start/Attach events
  • Hardware Debug: Removal of Serial Debug Automatic Breakpoint if present to avoid conflicts
  • Hardware Debug: AVR GDBStub Configuration updated to force GDB Serial Baud to 115200 in line with JDolinay Avr-Debug Library
  • ESP8266: Serial Monitor Closed If Open when using SPIFFS/LittleFS Uploads
  • Serial Debug: Removal of *.h File Debugging due to errors created being ambiguous when used
  • Hardware Debugging: Fix for Portenta H7 MRI Debug > Start Action, ensuring it attaches correctly
  • Hardware Debugging: Correction to Portenta MRI Debugger Name
  • Intellisense: Improvements to Portenta H7 ThreadDebug, and Core Switching now updates intellisense correctly
  • Hardware Debug: Addition of DAPLink Debugger to STM32 Platforms (Official and STM32Duino)
  • Intellisense: Minor improvements for branched MBED Platforms (Nano, PiPico, Portenta)
  • Uploader: Portenta H7 - Defaulted use 1200 touch to false to prevent upload issues for DFUUtil
  • Hardware Debug: Fix to Portenta H7 Configuration for MIR Debugging COM Port specification (mbed_portenta v2.0.0 Platform)
  • Hardware Debug: Addition of all working SWD Debuggers to the Nano 33 BLE board (mbed_nano v2.0.0 Platform)
  • Default JSON URLs: Amended to use latest STM32 JSON

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