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Message started by Simon@Visual Micro on May 26th, 2022 at 5:21pm

Title: Visual Micro 22.04.29-4 VS 2017/2019/2022
Post by Simon@Visual Micro on May 26th, 2022 at 5:21pm
Installer Note: If the install for Visual Studio fails, right click and "Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"

*** NOTE VS 2022 - If you installed a PRE-RELEASE version of Visual Micro for VS2022 (before please uninstall and install from the gallery, or the link below

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022

  • Fix: Library Installer - Comparison of Dependency Lib Names now includes spaces to match 3rd Party Spec (Reported Here)
  • Update: HardwareDebug - Addition of RasPiPico "PicoProbe" Debugger to options (Reported Here)(PicoProbe Documentation)
  • Update: PlatformSupport - Addition of support for RP2040 Core, and debug tools (GitHub: Board Package)(Debug Documentation)
  • Update: LicensingUI - Expiry Message now contains date string for annual licenses (e.g. 29 April 2022)

Visual Micro for VS 2022
Visual Micro for VS 2017/2019
Visual Micro for AS7 (vsInstaller)

  • "Check for updates" in "Board and Library" manager now uses the latest arduino.cc index urls. The previous versions from arduino.cc no longer work and return invalid json. That caused an issue in Visual Micro. This might show as a board and library load error. Please use this latest release shown below.

If you have the incorrect index files from previous use of the "Check for updates" button in the Board Manager or Library Manager? After updating you should to click the "Check for Updates" button again on BOTH "board manager" and "library manager". After that clicking rescan or restarting the ide will work without issue.

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