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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio
When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-
  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
Save the new Output to a Text File and....
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1709.3 (VS2012-2017) (Read 1872 times)
Visual Micro

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1709.3 (VS2012-2017)
Sep 3rd, 2017 at 12:39am
  • Fix: Order of files passed to linker ensures libraries can be overriden with local project code
  • Fix: Re-instate the "Create a shared project when adding libraries" check box menu
  • Fix: (Arduino Primo) Ensure that files with a lowercase ".s" extension are not compiled. (Must only use uppercase ".S" extensions for assember)
  • Fix: Better intellisense support for core variations (such as Sandeep Mistry Nrf52 cores)
  • Fix: "Toggle Hidden Files" was slow due to an attempt to workaround a VS2017 bug. If using VS2017 then ensure the latest service pack is installed Microsoft have fixed the issue in 90% of cases. If toggle hdiden files refuses to work correctly by showing an error in the output window then close the project, delete the .vcxproj, .vcxuser, .vcxfilters files and then reopen the project using "File>Open>Arduino Project>Your_Project.ino". NOTE: Backup the files before deleting them if you are using a non-arduino compatible project file structure or shared references.
  • Fix: Show board selection for the "Active code" editor as opposed to the "active solution explorer item" when "vMicro>General>Active code has priority over solution explorer" menu item is checked.
  • Add: Serial monitor has a new checkbox button called "Clear On Send". This feature clears the terminal receive window when data is SENT from the PC to the Arduino.
  • Add: When a shared library project is created automatically a vs-readme.txt is added with instructions of how to use and how to "add a reference" from master Arduino projects to shared projects
  • Tip: When an Arduino library is configured as shared project the library can be debugged using the Visual Micro debugger.
  • Fix: Revert to VSProject and VCProjectEngine v11
  • Fix: Prevent VSSDK via NuGet for the production of the .vsix installer
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