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1907.26.9 - Fix installer issue for 2019 + library versions (Read 282 times)
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1907.26.9 - Fix installer issue for 2019 + library versions
Jul 28th, 2019 at 1:58pm
Download Visual Micro 1907.26.9 for Vs2017 and VS2019

Saving specific library sources for a project or group of projects is now very easy to achieve using Visual Studio.

Arduino projects in Visual Studio have, for a long time, had the ability to reference an Arduino Library from any location (not just the standard Arduino locations). This release of Visual Micro provides a number of automated workflows that clone libraries to a sub folder below the Solution or Project. The workflows also cater for automatic library versioning.

  • Add Libraries Menu > Allow libraries to be cloned to Solution or Project with or without versioning
  • Disable ability for Serial debug to debug libraries because it caused some compiler issues. The feature will be reinstanted in future releases.
  • Preserve Code and Library Versions Together: Two new menu items on the "Add Library" menu options allows libraries to be copied locally (to below the Solution or current Project folders). When Including a library using the menus the library will be copied to Solution\Libraries\LibName or Project\Libraries\LibName. A shared project and project reference are automatically created and added to the current Solution Explorer. In some siutations the Solution exists in the same folder as the project. This is not a recommended configuration and means that both menu items will perform the same action. Normally we expect Solution in a parent folder to the project which works better with tfs source control.
  • Extend architecures logic so that more libraries with invalid library.properties.architectures will resolve. for example when "arm" is specified instead of sam,samd etc. then all arm platforms will accept the library.
  • Discover libraries that failed to be discovered using the current board architecture or any other of the discovery methods that Visual Micro applies (see previous point). In this case libraries will be dscovered by header file name (.h) regardless of any architecture. If found then an attempt will be made to compile the library. Therefore, it is now possible to encounter a build error for an invalid library when previous Visual Micro versions would report  missing #includes (.h files).
  • Improve intellisense for SAMD boards
  • Updated installer to only support VS2017 15.8 and above. Older versions of Visual Studio 2017 need to be updated to use Visual Micro. This is due to some inconsistances between some common Microsoft API's in VS2017 and Vs2019
  • Update default package and library index json files. The files are used by default in the Library and Board Manager tools. After clicking "Check for updates" the files are replaced, therefore it is new users who will benefit the most from this update.

Download Visual Micro 1907.25 for VS2017 and VS2019

  • Initial release with an extended range of programmers for various architecures.
  • Programmer selection is now saved with project and configuration if enabled via the vMicro>General menu, otherwise programmers are saved for the project
  • Programmers tool  bar has been added to the "Toolbar Auto Visibility" menu. Auto visbility is ON by default, switch it off and hide the tool bar if not required.
  • NOTE: VS2017 must be 15.8 or above! Please keep your IDE up to date.

Download Visual Micro 1907.16.0

  • All hardware debugger have been refreshed and tested

Download Visual Micro 1907.14.3

  • Ignore Microsoft throwing exception when attempting to reset the VS2019 after a build
  • Initial hardware debugging release required additional support and testing for :-
    • STM32
    • SAM
    • SAMD
    • ESP32

Download Visual Miro 1907.9.0 for Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • Add support for the hooks.sketch.prebuild events to run before the core is compiled. Teensy3 uses the event to create an arduino.h.pch in the temp build folder. The .pch file is required when the core is compiled. In future releases of visual micro we will attempt to build the sketch code before the core and libraries,  then the event will fire in the same order as the arduino ide.

Download Visual Micro 1907.6.7 for VS2017/2019

  • Caused by recent changes to Async extension for VS2019 but affects 2017 too because it is the same code. The workaround for other VS2019 tool window issues caused a delay creating the tool window frame on some machines causing an internal timer startup failure.

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