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1908.5.0 - Gallery Released (Read 322 times)
Visual Micro

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1908.5.0 - Gallery Released
Aug 3rd, 2019 at 4:04pm
Download Visual Micro 1908.5.0 for VS2017-2019

  • STM32 F1 and F4 debugger update
  • Change default to False:- "vMicro>Compiler>Add Include -I for Shared Projects"
  • ESP32 Dev Kit Usb Programmer Update
  • Shared Library Projects: If we created a library called "LibraryA" that did  not have a "LibraryA.h" and we did not #Include <LibraryA.h> in our sketch then the build failed to find the library.
  • Deep search for libraries: The cache failed for some shared library projects causing longer compile times.
  • Update structure of "File>New>Project>Arduino Library" to Arduino v2 library format containing sources in the \src folder. Reminder: the \src folder of Arduino v2 libraries automatically become a compiler -I include path.
  • Remove default capability to qualify library #includes with library name for example: #include SPI\SPI.h is not supported unless "vMicro>Global>Options>Compiler>Add Libraries Folders (-i) Includes" is set to TRUE. Note: Deep search for libraries must also be switched off to use this feature. It is not recommended to qualify lib paths with the folder name, is not Arduino compatible and can cause conflicts with libraries that also have relative path#includes.
  • ESP32 might crash at startup if libraries are installed that use relatives paths which conflict with other libraries (two reports). This is the primary reason for the change descrived in the previous point.
  • Installing libraries from Library Manager automatically adds #includes to the current project. This feature can be switched on in "vMicro>General>Global Options>Contributions>Add Includes when Installing Libraries"
  • First build or re-build might have failed for some boards. We now run the "prebuild" hook before deep search (gcc-e) library discovery. This allows cores such as STM32duino to create a default options header (build_opts.h) in the build folder.
  • Shared project compiler include paths moved to before the includes for the core.

Download Visual Micro 1908.3.0 for Vs2017/2019

Download Visual Micro 1908.4.0 for VS2017-2019
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