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Simon@Visual Micro

Posts: 418 VS2017/2019/AS7 (intellisense fixes for the many STM32 cores) (RELEASED)
Sep 11th, 2020 at 8:46am
Installer Note: If the install for Visual Studio fails, right click and "Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
Download Visual Micro for Atmel Studio 7
Download Visual Micro for Atmel Studio 7 (v2Installer)
Download Visual Micro CLI

  • Libraries: Architecture tie up between STM32F1 and STM32 for compatability between Official and Roger Clarke Cores
  • Libraries: Additional support for library.properties ldflags integration into compiler.libraries.ldflags
  • Intellisense: Fix for STM32 Intellisense for datatype issues and toolchain paths
  • GDB: Addition of Blackpill STM32F401CCU6 to Debugging Configurations
  • Prototype Generation: Fixes for single and multiline template usage, with improved insertion accuracy.
  • Disassembly Output: Fix for erroneous quoting encountered in previous releases
  • Intellisense support for MEGAAVR toolchain
  • Intellisense: Improved parameter merging to resolve board properties into board specific defines (e.g. MegaAVR Core)
  • Disassembly Output: Improved messaging and exposure of command when errors are encountered
  • Default Toolbars now excludes the Debug Toolbar for faster loading times.
  • Disassembly View: Improved Messaging and execution speed, resolves issues for ESP32,ESP8266,Portenta H7 (Enabled via Project Properties)
  • Serial Debug: Fix for Compilation error when non-UDP debugging for SendUserMessage() introduced in previous release.
  • Intellisense Improvement for Malloc() on SAMD Platforms (including MKR1000)
  • ESP32/ESP8266 UDP Debug: Addition of MicroDebug.SendUserMessage() to allow custom user messages to be sent to the UDP Serial Monitor
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