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Deep search for libraries (Read 256 times)
Junior Member

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Deep search for libraries
Jul 23rd, 2022 at 7:03am
The "Deep search for libraries" function is obviously useful, but it takes a lot of time.
If there are "#include ..." in a ".h" or ".cpp" library, it is required.
My suggestion:
1- New project or new library added:
     a- "Deep search for libraries" = flag ON
     b- Generates a table with all the libraries in use and saves them for example in ".suo".
2- Project under development, no new libraries:
     a- "Deep search for libraries" = flag OFF
     b- Use the library table in use.

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Tim@Visual Micro

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United Kingdom
Re: Deep search for libraries
Reply #1 - Jul 23rd, 2022 at 6:03pm
Thanks for the post. It is a complicated discussion but always looking to improve this area.

First to confirm... There should already be caching for deep search for all files except the .ino code?

Deep search honours conditional #include statements. For example #ifdef TEST #include <foo.h> #endif

This means that #defines and compiler statements can affect which libraries are discovered.

Deep search also discovers libraries included in other libraries. This means that if underlying library sources are updated without updating the project code, the previous search results become invalid.

The current level of cache should already avoid a lot of re-work during 2nd build, but we are looking at how we can take it up a level. Another alternative we are considering is to offer a higher level of cache along the lines you have suggested ++ alongside a manual menu item or button that will re-scan when a user knows external changes have been made.

There are also other items on our list for this, hopefully the next few months will see some more improvements.

If you believe the cache is not caching then please build and provide the information requested in yellow above.


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Tim Leek
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