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Arduino IDE for Visual Studio

Before logging an issue, please update to the latest release of Visual Micro from the Downloads Page.

When Logging a Support Issue in the Forum, please ensure you have also:-

  • Enabled vMicro > Compiler > Show Build Properties and Verbose
  • Re-Compile your program with these settings enabled
Save the new Output to a Text File and....
  • Click the Reply button and attach as .txt file OR
  • Click here to Email us with the file attached, and a link to your post
Support requests without the output above may be impossible to answer, so please help us to help you
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Simon@Visual Micro

Posts: 1459 VS 2017/2019/2022
Jul 28th, 2022 at 3:11pm
Installer Note: If the install for Visual Studio fails, right click and "Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"

*** NOTE VS 2022 - If you installed a PRE-RELEASE version of Visual Micro for VS2022 (before please uninstall and install from the gallery, or the link below

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • Update: Startup for clearer messaging regarding loading toolchains, and delays registering c++>.ino file extension
  • Update: Minor changes to messages and menu caption for non-activated use
  • Fix: IDELocations: Trims Double Quotes from Paths when entered
  • Update: Added a board property to try out pause before upload. set to milis:- upload.pause_before_ms= (Reported Here)
  • Update: Try/Buy Screen cleaned up for clearer explanation of Visual Micro to new Users
  • Fix: ESPExceptionDecoder - Ensure #line is included for both Debug:Off and Debug:Hardware (Reported Here)
  • Fix: ESPExceptionDecoder parses lines with "(discriminator x)" correctly to jump to code line correctly

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • Fix: HardwareId Generation improved to ensure this is calculated as early as possible
  • Fix: Correct environment font measured for presentation of boards list
  • Fix: Startup messaging improved
  • Fix: Shutdown stability improved

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • Fix: Intellisense improvements for SAMD Standard C functions e.g Memcpy (Reported Here)
  • Update: ESP32/ESP8266 no longer requires Bonjour Service to be installed to perform network discovery of boards.
  • Fix: Activation Form now removes leading & trailing spaces when submitting license key to reduce accidental errors in activation.
  • Fix: IDE Locations checks ensuring the same paths are not used for IDE Location / Sketchbook / Downloaded Board Packages (Reported Here)

Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2022
Download Visual Micro for Visual Studio 2017/2019
  • Compiler and lib search improvements
  • Advanced users: "Build into project intermediate" now suffixes the "board id" to the "build folder". Also now allows "copy to intermediate" work in tandem. This allows cahing to work correctly with different boards on the same code.
  • "Cpp only" projects will build faster than .ino projects for advanced users. (reminder: Non-ino cpp only projects lack automatically created prototypes + serial/wifi debugger)
  • Cores that do not create .d dependency files will now allow caching if the source has not altered. In verbose mode a warning is displayed in the build output stating the .d files are not available. note: Without .d dependanty files recompile of source code does not happen if the source has not changed but an #included source has changed. Normally we would expected a change to #included source to cause recompile of all other source that uses it.
  • Improved cleanup of teensy virtual serial port scan

If you have the incorrect index files from previous use of the "Check for updates" button in the Board Manager or Library Manager? After updating you should to click the "Check for Updates" button again on BOTH "board manager" and "library manager". After that clicking rescan or restarting the ide will work without issue. more info
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