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Normal Topic RC Final: Visual Micro 2.0 for Visual Studio 2022 (Read 55 times)
Tim@Visual Micro

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RC Final: Visual Micro 2.0 for Visual Studio 2022
Nov 24th, 2022 at 5:57am
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To install, download and then right click Open With > Visual Studio Version Selector.
Download the Visual Micro 2.0 extension for Visual Studio 2022 (.vsix)

This update will replace an existing Visual Micro installation. Uninstalling and reinstalling older releases is fully supported. Either version of Visual Micro can be installed. 

Older Visual Micro projects will continue to work in the new version, but will not benefit from the new intellisense system. Projects created in the new version will not work in the old version. Existing Visual Micro users will not notice any changes in 2.0 unless the new project type is used.
This update will replace an existing Visual Micro installation. Uninstalling and reinstalling older releases is fully supported. Either version of Visual Micro can be installed. 

RC Final

  • This release includes all of the latest Arduino guidelines released by since the release of Arduino 2.0
  • The new Arduino Discovery and Monitor tool api has been implemented. Teensy can now be developed without need for the Arduino IDE.
  • Teensy can be easily nstalled because it is list at the top of the "auto-discovery" list in the Visual Micro "Board Manager".
  • Revamp of serial monitor and console windows to be more efficient and cater for higher data volumes.

Previous releases of Visual Micro 2.0

Please note existing releases + Teensy for Arduino 2.0. There will be a release of Visual Micro during the coming week that includes support for the new Teensy port discovery package-index.json properties. Currently, unless the 1x version of the Arduino IDE is used with Teensyduino, extended port discovery (via teensy_ports.exe) will not be performed. ++ If the Visual Micro board manager is used to install Teensy for Arduino 2.0, the Arduino IDE 2.0 will hang when it starts due missing teensy port discovery tools. The tools will be downloaded correctly after next weeks update. Deleting the teensy board index.json from the "users\[your_name]\appdata\local\arduino15" folder will also resolve the startup issue. 

Visual Micro 2.0 is a compatible update for all current users of Visual Micro. It shares the same license and does not prevent return to older versions of Visual Micro (except for the format of new .vcxproj files created with 2.0). The only difference will come when opening new projects, in this case the Microsoft Visual Studio Linux Workload is used for the new project (.vcxproj), instead ot the standard Microsoft VC++ Workload. This change relates entirely to intellisense, the build process is unaffected. Existing projects will continue to use the VC++ intellisense system. We will release an optional "auto convert" to update the .vcxproj file of existing older projects.


  • Fix: When opening projects for the first time the source files were not automatically added to the project. In that case, users had to click "Show all files" and then right click "Include" files or folders. Hw to include existing files is a useful system to know but that should not be required when opening existing Arduino code!!
    Intellisense: Set the standard cpp and c language based on the currently hardware.



  • Resolves intellisense error for boards that use empty compiler variables (such as Teensy)
  • File>New/Open Arduino project now use the newer Microsoft Linux project type instead of the older VC++ project type. This means that only te smaller Linux C++ workfload is required to be installed. The C++ desktop workload is no longer required except for use with older projects.
  • Double click serial monitor to resume scrolling.


If running the .vsix fails then right click "File>Open With>Visual Studio Version Selector"


Visual Micro 2.0 is fully compatible with the existing 1x version of Visual Micro. 

The 2.0 release contains significant improvements to intellisense. When creating new projects (.vcxproj), the Mrosoft Linux workload is used instead of the Microsoft VC++ (desktop c++) workload.

We will provide a converter for older project formats but they are still fully supported. If you would like to try the new project type then remove the .vcxproj from the project folder and then use "File>Open>Arduino Project" which will create a new project for you.

If Visual Studio has been installed without any workloads, Visual Studio will prompt to install the Linux workload.

Visual Micro 2.0 applies the real underlying sources to intellisense, the Microsoft Linux workload is only used because it understands the unerlying Gcc language.

When working in the new project format, Visual Micro queries the compiler of the selected board so that intellisense has a complete picture of all underlying toolchain and platform sources.

The same update will probably be made available for VS2019

It is a relatively simple job to manually convert an existing project to the new format. Raise a forum thread if you need to do this prior to the release of an auto-converter. In most cases the project file does not contain any useful information other than selected board and debugger.

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