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Persistant message generation blocks my serial port (Read 1058 times)

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Sofia Bulgaria
Persistant message generation blocks my serial port
Jan 26th, 2018 at 9:01am
Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can cast some light on a mesage that is being generated on a Genuine Arduino R3 board with completely standard config.

I had uploaded a program to communicate via I2C to a sensor.

Comms was opened and I recieved what I now know are two messages which appeard to be one.
The first part of the message was VMDPE_1:2:54766:0:244|54766_VMDPE
followed by an error message which was actually a response from the sensor unit so the whole thing looked like
This spewed out at the rate of about 1Hz. Very frustrating was that the usb connection to the board was then blocked to take an update via usb.

I used my AVR ICE and reprogrammed using it as an ISP.

If I load the prog via Arduino, its fine, via AS7 and ICE, its fine.

So yes I could just do that , but you know how it is, its just bugging me, well debugging me actually as when I searchd for VMDPE_1:2:54766:0:244|54766_VMDPE in the forums, up pops the fact this is a debug message from visualMicro. Can I set, block or do something to stop ths happening ? Im not sure, which is why Im asking for assistance.

Many Thanks


I might have just found it, I had AUtomatic debugging checked.......
Will try later and see if that was it,
ANy other suggestions gratefully received... Cheesy
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Visual Micro

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United Kingdom
Re: Persistant message generation blocks my serial port
Reply #1 - Feb 13th, 2018 at 8:42pm
Sorry for the delay.

Yes you have serial debug enabled.

Either switch the tool bar from Debug to Release or as you have said, switch off automatic debugging or switch on atmel debugging.
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