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Local class not hitting breakpoints (Read 1009 times)
Bob Jones
Full Member

Posts: 210
Bellingham, WA
Local class not hitting breakpoints
Apr 1st, 2018 at 7:12am
CommandData uses the CommandDefinitions class to manage multiple devices... At least that's my intention. I have been battling for days with first the compiler and now the debugging engine.

In my current compile, the single error message is "undefined reference to CommandDefinitions nextCommand();

in CommandDefinitions.h:
      bool nextCommand();

in CommandDefinitions.cpp:
bool CommandDefinitions::nextCommand() {
     if(commandReceived) {

What I am seeing is that many methods in CommandDefinitions that appear to be properly declared and defined, but they get the "undefined" message.

And when I comment out those methods that won't compile, the remaining ones don't echo output from debug breakpoints... or even stop at a breakpoint.

The compile output is in the attached Zip as "output.txt".

And what version of C++ are we using here? That may be relevant.
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Tim@Visual Micro

Posts: 11150
United Kingdom
Re: Local class not hitting breakpoints
Reply #1 - Apr 1st, 2018 at 2:06pm

I can't really help with code problems. They are best asked on stackoverflow.

You are using whatever c++ tool chain you have installed for whatever hardware you are using.

Usually based on GCC. Again best place to ask is the forum for whatever hardware you are using. The code issues will be the same in the arduino ide.

As for the debugger. If you place a breakpoint in the IF statement then the break will only happen if the condition is true

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Tim Leek
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