Announcing - Arduino Tutorial Reference powered by Google

Visual Micro, authors of Arduino for Visual Studio, has released a new "Arduino Search Tool" powered by a bespoke google search facility. "Finding accurate Arduino syntax examples" has never been easier than this!

Try the "Arduino Search Tool"

The core of the search facility is an "auto complete" dictionary provided and maintained by Google. The auto complete dictionary is target at relevent areas of the and visual micro web sites. Normally, when we search, we expect the entire internet to show in google suggestions list. Not so with the Arduino search tool. We can see in the example below how amazingly clear and accurate the Arduino syntax suggestions are.

The auto suggestion database is initially built by google servers over a 3 day period using the real content (not google keywords) and subsequently updated when the content changes. The pre-built suggestions database ensures that suggestions appear almost instantly as we type. You can see below how well the suggestion system works!

Image of Arduino programming "Auto Complete" google suggestions for the word "digital" 

Arduino Auto Complete Programming and Tutorials Google Search

The "auto complete" suggestions above could further be categorized into "reference" and "tutorials".  Googles "Arduino Search Tool" provides these categories and an "auto complete" system for each category. You can see below the category tabs "All", "Arduino Reference", "Arduino Tutorials" above the search results. When looking for specific information, the results appear with much greater clarity than googles standard search facility provides. 

Arduino programming and Tutorials google search
Note: The search facility covers only, and a few other relevent arduino articles from such as Leonardo programming. This list might change slightly with user feed back. Feel free to contact with suggestions