Visual Micro Video Tutorials by HumanHardDrive

These tutorials were kindly made by humanharddrive who you will see as an interesting portfolio of youtube playlists and channels. One of his playlists is devoted to Visual Micro and contains an ever growing set of well thought out collection of tutorials. The Visual Micro Ide grows all of the time, this of course means that some tutorials have been slightly superceeded. In any event all of the tutorials provide some very useful tips and examples.

Hopefully as you use Visual Micro, you will see what has changed over time and also the many alternative ways to perform the same task.

Please register (above) for the free forum to ask questions because it is impossible for HumanHardDrive or to monitor the chat below each youtube example. Youtube also does not provide the tools to manage conversations and provide links or images with answers to questions. Obviously HumanHardDrive will appreciate some supportive chatter below his work (and lots of "likes Smile)

Tutorial #1 Setup

This video is an overview of how to download Atmel Studio, Arduino Ide and Visual Micro. Then covers basic setup for the Visual Micro plugin for Atmel Studio, and a little explanation as to the locations of some of the features.

For those Visual Micro users who experienced missing UI elements, check out this video (tip: please read the visual micro comments below the video).

A tutorial for those new to the Arduino. Looking at the basic features from the Arduino IDE, compiling, uploading and example files; as well as the workflow features of the plugin.

A tutorial for more advanced Arduino programmers. The more advanced features of the plugin, uploading using a separate programmer, tweaking the plugin settings and better library file exploration.

For those who have the full Visual Micro plugin, how to get started with the debugger, and the most basic of debugging examples.

For those who have the full Visual Micro plugin, more advanced examples with the debugger such as pin reporting.

For all Arduino users, a set of interesting Arduino tutorials and real world examples well worth a browse.

Many thanks to HumanHardDrive!