IDE Locations Window

The following page shows you advanced configuration options of the Configuration Manager.


Configuration Manager


The following settings are optional.

The sketchbook location specifies where Visual Micro will search for user libraries.
See "Adding Libraries to your Sketch".
The board packages location specifies where Visual Micro will store the board packages for this IDE Configuration.
(Available in versions since 2021.0917.2)
Specify additional download locations on the web, where Visual Micro shall search for installable board platforms. These locations will be used by the Board Manager in Visual Micro Explorer.
You can specify multiple locations, separated by commas.

Warning 16 Note:

Only specify trustworthy sources. The downloaded platforms contain executable tools (.exe) that can harm your computer, if they come from malicious web sites.
Visual Micro Ltd. does not take over any responsibility for the downloaded components.
As a minimum precaution, only use URLs that start with "https://".

The github link below the edit field opens a list of known sources from the Arduino home page.