Advanced Arduino - Local Libraries and Sub Folders Structure

by Visual Micro 24. October 2015 17:17

This is intial document providing example of the different source code folder structures that can be applied to Arduino projects

The only rule concerning structure is that the master .ino source code must reside in the project folder. Both must have the same name.

Linked source code files are also support. Project referenced are not yet supported.

.ino code file names do not need to be #included in any source files

.ino files are combined into a single temp folder .cpp during compile, prototypes are automatically created for .ino code unless "auto prototypes" =False in the project properties.

If .ino files are "linked" from other projects they must not contain duplicate method names such as "setup()" and "loop()"

Source from outside of the project can not be debugged (yet)

Local libraies override all other library repositories. For example copying the EEPROM library to a local sketch libarary will ensure the local version is always compiled.

Known issue: Click build clean after moving files or folders within the solution explorer.